Midsommar Information


Dalesburg Lutheran Church joins with its fellow congregations in the community to celebrate the annual Midsommar with history, music, fun and food. Valkommen! All are invited to share a day in the beautiful countryside near Vermillion, Centerville and Beresford.

Midsommar is also known as Mid-summer, Midsummar, or simply “Midsummer”.  It is the traditional celebration of the mid-summer season.  The festival in South Dakota dates back into the late 1860s, when settlers from Dalarna County of Sweden came to Southeastern South Dakota. Along the way, these pioneer families founded Dalesburg Lutheran Church, about 10 miles north of Vermillion, and started a Midsommar celebration tradition. Today, the festival features the efforts of three traditionally Swedish country churches in the area, Dalesburg Lutheran, Dalesburg Baptist and Komstad Covenant.

Details came be found on the Dalesburg.org website.

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